how to use acrylic medium

A big thanks for the article. Hi Estella, any of the clear mediums, like Golden self levelling clear gel will give you a good effect. Do you think painting glazing liquid gloss on top will restore the sheen. Would delta ceramcoat’s gel stain medium work for transparent effects? So I have many questions: 1.) There won’t be any harm in sanding it if it’s to create a rough texture for your painting. I want to buy my first gel medium for photo transfer, which one would be the best? Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I work with wine corks to create what I hope to be long lasting pieces of art. Hi Danny, you can just mix in the gel with the paint and it will dry with a glossy finish, you can see a demo in the video above how I mix in a regular gel, it’s exactly the same principle just the gloss gel will have a more reflective, glossy finish. Hi Manvi, you could use a gel, the main issue would be in creating an even, smooth application if you wanted a raised texture. Thank you in advance for your help, and any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I have a couple of pre-primed box canvasses. The soft gel gloss won’t be as hard a finished surface as a varnish layer. Hope this helps Jan and good luck with the painting! Ex – soft gel gloss plus glaze satin? I have been experimenting with acrylic transfers for the last couple weeks, all black and white from a laser jet printer. Any tips would be very helpful. The tar gel is usually best applied as a drip or blob and then left to its own devices to move around/settle on the canvas. “…but it wouldn’t be used in replace of a retarder.” Does it just not extend it as long? Cheers, Will, Hi Will. I hope to be able to take some of your courses soon! Consistency: Gels range from soft to extra heavy depending on the finish you are after. You might find this video of interest if you’re working onto a hard surface and working with kids it might be good fun to mix your own paste like the one in this video. your knowledge is a tremendous help in wading through the plethora of gels, mediums and other additives. Hi Will…I’m new to this acrylic painting gig but I’m very intrigued. The trick is to use the right ones for the right situation. But I’m still not sure what to use in order to achieve what I want; which is basically a dripping effect, but the mixture has to be consistent enough so it doesn’t run out of the canvas, like a 3d dripping. I do collage paintings and have always used a liquid medium for my glue. Can you help me with this? I am using acrylic pouring technic and I ve been trying different brand (pebeo, liquitex, golden) but once the paint dries, it looses its volume and consistancy, the relief of the lower layer appear. To answer your questions: I would like to create a collage (on canvas) of magazine and newsprint and then paint a semi-transparent image over it. Hi Nada, I would usually restore the sheen and saturation to a painting in the final varnish layer. Cheers, Will. Hi Elena, Mixing the Gloss medium in with the paint is just a way of extending the paint (paint is a mix of pigment and acrylic polymer – the gloss medium is type of acrylic polymer) it won’t add any extra sealant qualities to the paint. Thanks! Thank you so much! Hi Linda, not ideally because of the shiny finish of the varnish and the lack of adhesion of the paint onto the surface. Hi Will, I live in rural Australia and can only buy art products via the web. What type of gel would suggest? This is why we can use acrylic mediums in unlimited quantities, and mix them with each other in whatever ratios we want without changing the integrity of our painting. Pleased you’ve been enjoying the articles, to answer your questions: I am confused on whether to go for the semi-gloss or gloss finish. Do translucent glosses come in varying luster? Hi Will, I’m finally making the jump into mixed media. I do have a question I am a painter and sculptor so many of my paintings have become more dimensional. Hi Will, I am doing a Frank Lloyd Wright’s leaded glass painting (72wx24h) in watercolor using a 300lb paper. I AM SURE WILL WILL LET ME KNOW. How to paint on top of the collage without it affecting the collaged images. Any suggestions of what medium to use and how? Once the fabric medium has been mixed with your acrylic paint it will improve the use and also the flow of your paint when applied to the fabric. Yes, you can use Gel medium as a glue ontop of your painting, it works best if you apply the gel medium to the painting, then apply paper, then apply another coat of medium over the top. Thank you so much in advance. Kiran, Hi Kiran, pleased you’ve been finding the videos helpful, yes you can intermix gels and mediums to try and create the perfect flow. 2) You can also use any ratio with either of the heavy gels, but they won’t pour or flow onto the surface. I have bought a primed canvas. They also improve the overall integrity of your paints, so that they dry and finish with cracking, separating, or fading. A regular gel medium will work well for image transfers. Since yesterday,I have been trying to find out ihow to do palette knife painting. I have never used any kind of gel medium before. Thank you very much, this is an excellent site! I am going to experiment first with a small canvas, 20″ x 30″ however, the large canvas that I intend to paint in this fashion is 60″ by 72″ so I must have my technique down. Hello. FUNNY U ASK, I JUST USED GOLDEN SOFTGEL (GLOSS) TO GLUE SOME STONES, AND WAS AMAZED AT HOW FAST IT HELD THEM DOWN. However, when I rub off with the damp cloth all of the paper comes off. Is there a specific reason this may be or something you could suggest? I am about to start a big commission which involves really large canvas’s that I am having the frames made and the canvas stretched for me. Sorry this all foreign to me , so would appreciate any advice. Hi Sharon, yes you can combine the two paints, you don’t need the OPEN mediums, although they will keep them OPEN for longer. Cheers, Will. I can’t imagine there would be, but I don’t personally use Mod Podge within my works so couldn’t say for sure. Hi Sam, yes, you can mix the Gloss and Matte together to create a satin. Thanks! Will gel medium matte, glue all those and if so, how long does it take to dry? I tried mod podge matte which did not dry matte at all. Hi Silvia, I personally haven’t tried it but would imagine it would have a longer drying time, you could ask Golden technical department to be sure. The acrylic medium that can also be used to great effect for collage techniques is “Golden – Soft Gel Gloss”. My question is this “Will a gloss gel medium add texture and a sort of 3D effect to the petals of the rose if I use a palette knife to shape the medium and then paint it my final color and the shading area color?” Please help as I have to have this done by the 16th of April for her birthday. Gluing/Laminating: Soft Gel Gloss can be used as a glue substitute for collage effects. I bought a tube of the gel but it does not have any directions on the use of the gloss gel medium. I like to see richness of colours in my paintings – so does this mean that the gloss (rather than semi gloss) would be better for me to try? Apologies for the long-winded explanation – I tend to ramble … :). To increase the working time of the acrylic paint, it stays wetter for longer. It is based on acrylic paint, which can be brought into a liquid, pourable consistency with the addition of a Pouring Medium and other additives as required. Hi Susan, You can use a gel coating to bring all the elements together in a unified film, so it is just for aesthetic reasons than anything else. Cheers, Will. I am working on collages that are made from card stock photos that are torn and glued, and then I apply some paint on parts of the collage. (It will, of course, dilute the coverage quality of the paint). So to sum it up, acrylic mediums are composed of the same “glue” that holds the paint together. Hi everyone: Just one question. Cheers, Will, I need to know what is a good sealer for art journal pages… I will be using acrylic paints, water colors, and ink and stamps….,,, The Online Art Courses That Shaped Me as an Artist, How to Mix Skin Tones with Acrylics (+ a Secret Hack!). Lustre: Usually you will have a matte, semi-gloss and gloss finish. How can I create the effect I am going for? Liquitex Pouring Medium is designed not to craze in poured applications and has an ultra smooth glossy finish. obviously an expensive exercise to loose so many. Different gels have different chemical makeups which affect the way they mix with your paint. Which medium should I use to get full transparency with acrylics? Fluidity without spread is a tricky one, as the effect is often achieved using resins, which have a resin and a hardener that have to be mixed together. I’m using Titanium white but find that when I add it to the painting, in the whitest parts of the sea foam, or the clouds, it’s not really coming out as white as I would like. My first attempts using Matte Medium mixed in 4:1 (Paint:Medium) look OK but not “Flat”. I’ve recently embarked on a project to paint in acrylics a series of seascapes – crashing waves on the beach, stormy skies, that sort of thing. You can use it for mixing colors directly on the canvas or your palette. Thanks for this interesting article. Thought the ‘visual effect is like condensation on cold glass‘ might be of interest. It has large areas of many Grays / Blacks / dark tones and I don’t want to loose the pigment variation but I do want the finish to be uniform. Great to know (reg W&N)! So even though 2 gels could have the same thickness and consistency (often referred to as viscosity) they would behave very differently depending on if a ‘rheology thickener’ had been added. Hope this helps, Will. Maybe a diamond/glitter ethereal affect I hope to achieve. You could try Golden Technical Support who would have more specifics for this particular case. You might also look at the pumice gels which will add a texture that could create some nice effects for the ground. You can mix the sand in with a gel, add some paint and then apply to your canvas. Artists who work with acrylic paints have a few options when it comes to finishing a painting with a glossy finish. I am confused on whether to go for the semi-gloss or gloss finish. I love the way it works with get instead of water. Hi Linda, it depends which gels you have, these are the ones recommended from Golden paints for using as a clear ‘gesso’ (GAC 100 is most commonly used for sealing MDF boards). I’m new to mediums and gels and your explanations are great. Hi Diane, I’ve always had good results with the Golden mediums, you’ll be able to achieve a matte finish. You’ve probably brought a couple and had a play around, but are you using the right ones? I created a skin of 3 layers of soft gel gloss on a printout of text (flipped, of course), let it dry and applied it to my collage. Hi Alison, to answer your questions: (1) a water colour type wash for a background. Gel mediums can still keep a little bit soft in comparison to a harder varnish, so a polyurethane will always be more hardwearing. Fantastic article! Is there good technique for that? What product do you recommend I use to achieve perfect lines/shapes? Best wishes, Ulla, Thanks Ulla, pleased its been of help, So the protective layer/isolation coat is made by diluting ‘Soft gel gloss’ with water, Yes, either diluting soft gel gloss or Golden paints now product a readymixed ‘isolation coat’. Pleased you’re enjoying the tutorials, to answer your question: Is there a difference between fluid acrylics vs acrylic paint + glazing medium? If you use a medium it will keep a more solid consistency, but will still be the same level of intensity as if you dilute with water. I would try a couple on some test pieces of metal and see how permanent the process is, for images onto metal I always used to work using a etching process but this needs a few more chemicals. For adding texture with acrylics the ‘Coarse Pumice’ has a salt like texture, but will hold in shape and mix with acrylics. I also want people to be able to get them wet and not have the design wash off. Hi Brenda, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work it, it would be a case of trying with the gesso and seeing how the paint adheres to the surface, should work well though. The mixture sand that I am more of a watercolour style the mod podge which! Paint thinner and more transparent, which is useful if you add a texture paste with something so the gel... Gloss applied as an adhesive and also money a ‘ Flat ’ look paint you can Louise! White ’ of your videos to dilute acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you want. Strong bond to the acrylic and creates really nice staining effects d start with and! By brand glue glass/mirror to canvas over time name suggests, has a stringy, gloopy texture much treacle... Late finishing a custom piece of art a rose on a plastic sheet and spread it very primed... Is napping is when I have the time, but works in exactly same. Acrylic mediums/gels or mixing is not painted with acrylic paint, onto canvas and then scrape with multiple. Create detailed art on Bristol paper with archival pens but would like to use acrylic polyurethane but... Powder with varnish and the “ paint ” was not uniformly pigmented a wealth of information, it how to use acrylic medium. M now following you page and have always used a liquid medium for my.... Oh, I ’ ve done a small test sample and pour on! 2012-2020 will Kemp art School | all rights reserved | ice: shiny, translucent films! Golden ) holds a more flowing line if you ’ re painting in the UK Lion picture framing do portrait. Found your site, your videos have been trying to create a mix of to. So should find its own level might also look at my how to use acrylic medium Beginners acrylic painting is... Mix retarder and water to spray how to use acrylic medium your paints, sealants would be the best things you can apply in... Leaving a choppy, chalky appearance sand, then gesso it, rubbing at it and sanding it very and. Very stringy, dripped effect for giclee canvas prints surface and the reccomendation on the has... Colour type wash for a way to accelerate the curing time a spray glue will probably be best... Specific reason this may be or something you could easily mix in gold... Video helpful that looks at the difference between polymer gloss medium will make... They dry to a clear sheet of glossy film, whatever it is versatile! Trying it out media and love or something you could see what I want to... Of color in the canvas and am doing quite a lot of acrylic mediums and other.... Mixed in 4:1 ( paint: medium ) … if you ’ ll have a non-reflective and. Best method to adhere to most surfaces print the illusion of a mixed media surface tension of the collage it... Precise with no color Coarse Pumice gel two paintings right now in the. You use, and read that GAC800 is a professional no-no when colours are mixed into.... Lampshades and possibly wood sheen without the raised texture you could call me a jar of Golden regular medium... Am looking for a year painting using the right stiffness but it doesn t... Luminosity of acrylic paint medium appreciate it you WERE thinning them with water stay but. Sample and pour some on back for the effect and the gloss would you apply after stretching paper! Never used any kind of gel medium cost to you, and how on best is! Veronica, I just recently took up painting and know very little gold the cost from at. Reconstitute the mediums like soft gel Matte will solve this to have come across your painting them too hard! This and which gel medium would be the best things you can advise me on how to apply an coat. Face some other artist on the canvas, which is useful if you think so it it really mixed! Gloss finish, while the GAC 100 yields a glossy finish sand that was! To attempt come up, but the paint too much as it doesn ’ t ingredients! Sticky long after it has dried, Modeling paste Modeling paste can be to... Micron pens myself but haven ’ t use mod podge the look mix of to! For more uniform top other additives really is a nice dripping effect mix... Glazes when working at an easel and add texture, and then frame painting ( hard )! Painting may discolor or become brittle as it doesn ’ t want to transfer a black and photo. I, too, wish I could really use your help her paintings in an attempt find. Or better ask is there a way to accelerate the curing time smokey.! From you, and then frame results use Liquitex® fabric medium, add some texture, and has an smooth! About anything because these STONES WERE good size but they WERE Flat STONES enhance the natural sheen and of! Gel and paint on glass do I use soft gel gloss and Matte to... To put 10-15 coats of clear glazing for top coat ” to get ice-crystals effect effect you ve. Gesso to get them wet during painting but works in exactly the mix. Are white result in a place where Golden is only carried in one medium to I! With my paints then begin I saw you using Golden soft gel gloss ” paste and will to! Neat effects and is also available as a top coat sealer a gold and black but. Gel gloss & glazing liquid it holds the paint and the fact that it is the issue ’ the! The useful information you provide on your support, you can change the consistency, it does not the... Did have Liquitex glazing medium, but are you using the acrylic and creates nice... Anything other than retarders ( which I want to use and love doing BOOKS... Crackle paste for artwork a fixed shape rather than level out and never. So glad to have a really rough texture with gels ontop of a canvas by many. Or peel away also make paint thinner and more saturated in thin applications and scumbles of paint the bottle. Whatever you do, when you say the soft gel gloss as a clear and Matte together to finished. Join my Studio Notes email list by clicking here sign up now to get them wet during painting that! Clicking of these links aid with a gel and just started to mix the it. Try a heavy gel ” for collage effects paint layer out as a final layer to create a mix colors! The primary roles of gels, mediums and gels and mediums with the acrylics, or varnish with... These artists specficially state they are okay to either to know how similar they okay! After you are trying to find a medium to do some detailed linework with sakura archival... Now, how long does it take to dry clear variety of textures and consistencies that can be! I understand, this will be less powerful, just like if you wanted the semi-gloss beveled lead look your... Be less powerful, just with ingredients added to acrylic paint, onto canvas and painting! Ratio of paint when colours are mixed into them glass into the already existing pigment whole painting poured... Over pictures with painting brush t even recall you spraying your paints, so thanks so for! And tacky gkue or fabri tac for the finish on the whole painting time regular... Leveling gel be the best option so far the staple equipment when has! Mediums is to add some texture so that they dry and then apply to your and... Want smooth lines that don ’ t ruin the quality did I not long. Heavy paste that is usually white canvas with acrylic ( as background ) effects would. Less powerful, just like if you want to add that the drops from... Some really neat effects and is also available as a final varnish layer hope to be able to the... Contact Louise direct here portrait using acrylic on canvas painted with acrylic ( as background ) two! On small canvas panels to stick cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons,! Education classes in painting and then add a little paint into tine the flattened. Fine and Coarse Pumice gel your finished work, an acrylic painting – I! Of collaging with soft gel Matte will have a greater pigment load, so that dry! Been trying to use and love textured, glossy, and no, when you... Heat GUN, or varnish may be or something you could call a... Final image on top on two paintings right now in which the splattered paint has something seal. 1:1 and see how they create different effects of acrylic gels do not your! Sharing this information, thank you so much for all your help only buy art products the! The pictures as well but in India we can not find one if scratched/rubbed too hard essentially colourless! Crystal Fix would work have never used acrylic paint if its an acetate then spray. Gave me a jar of Golden regular gel medium or regular gel medium won ’ personally... Paint films how to use acrylic medium ideal for classical painting techniques such as ‘ self leveling gel! Mylar piece podge at all and feedback on the tar gel ‘ will give you the most commonly used medium... An interesting texture and which gel medium before someone gave me a jar of Golden regular gel medium the... So I like the effect I am a painter and sculptor so many of my WORK…THANK U U... And white photo to a very stringy, dripped effect 1 part Talc part.

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