flights to turks and caicos

Cons: "Flight was late and I missed my connecting flight". Turks and Caicos Flights. Plane was packed, but service was great. Employees did not always use microphone to explain boarding. Choose your flights and then add one (or more) of the 1164 Expedia-listed hotels starting at $275 a night. Delta does not allow booking a middle seat on flights to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Boarding announcement didn't specify which flight. Cons: "The female crew Members were taking loudly and a lot during the flight it was difficult to sleep as a result. Also, it didn't seem to work. It didn't seem like a plane usually used for international based on the chair back pocket but I don't know. All the contents of the bag were shuffed in as they fell out and some just threw them in ther and to close the bag tapped it up", Cons: "Delayed 2 hours for lack of pilots. She then said these are it and I said so my bag has been lost? ", Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to air traffic", Pros: "I observer th crew at this flight were very friendly and helpful, unlike my previous flight in the past years." inflight entertainment was brutal, limited selection of movies and bad ones at that. C'mon AA. Cons: "The flight was a bit delayed. Relax on board after take-off from London and, after a brief stopover in Antigua, it's just a short hop to your final destination. They had to change the gate twice. !The manager of American Airlines should try to fly with Greek companies!And I don't mean with Olympic airways in Onassis time(with Coco Chanel suits the hall crew) but I mean now, in poor Greece's Aegean air which again and again wins the price of best airliner in Europe..Service, crew, foooood!! Ten major airlines have flights to Turks and Caicos Islands, including American, JetBlue and Delta. ", Pros: "Crew was courteous and professional. These quick, regional flights can connect you to destinations like Salt Cay and Pine Island. Cons: "Prop plane didn't have air conditioning (flight 4989) thank God it was only 45 minutes and FA provided ice water. No good explanation given. When you fly to Providenciales International Airport from London with British Airways, you'll enjoy the convenience of a 23kg checked baggage allowance, included at no extra cost. Debit and credit cards are accepted in the more populated areas of the Turks and Caicos Islands, but it would be wise to carry cash if you’re heading off the beaten track. I'm learning to hate American", Pros: "Terminal changed at LaGuardia and we had to take a bus to another terminal. Very unpleasant. I don't think you did whatever you could for most of us on that flight. Slow internet. Cons: "Headphone connection didn't work so I couldn't hear the movie playing. he should be commended. ", Cons: "At 6'4", seat access could be better. ", Pros: "Fast loading and effect attendant", Pros: "The entire experience at Newark was dreadful although the actual flight was fine." They were able to get things worked out for me so I could get home easily while trying to change flights multiple times. Absolutely zero personality" ", Pros: "I've been flying budget airlines for so long that I was almost shocked to fly an airline that actually cares about its passengers! Boarding was delayed 30", but we did not take off for 3 more hours. Cons: "Snacks were a bit too expensive. This experience was totally unacceptable . It was over 45 minutes late boarding and over 2 hours late leaving. Not interested in entertainment or food. They didn't seem to be very accommodating or apologetic and I didn't even offer compensation to those who had to stay overnight to wait for the next flight out. Meanwhile, the 8:00 flight was called for boarding. Low price finder and low initial deposits. Old entertaining system. Cons: "Seats have strip of velcro at the top of the head rest, and it catches hair. Flights to Turks and Caicos Islands . They must also have proof of health/travel insurance with COVID-19 cover (including cover for any necessary in-country medical treatment, quarantine costs or repatriation/medevac) and must complete a health screening questionnaire. Did not pick up garbage for at least an hour. With less than an hour I had to take a bus to a different terminal, walk through, exit onto the street, cross the street and walk down the block to a different terminal. Cons: "Long walk after departing. Huge headache. Cons: "Keep it up! Choose your preferred seat 24 hours in advance and check in online, on your mobile or at the airport. Not once was there a mention of any other reason. Try your hand at diving or snorkelling in one of the longest coral reefs in the world or simply relax and rejuvenate in idyllic tropical surroundings. ", Pros: "This was a direct red eye flight to Madrid" The flight was atleast 40 mins late. Paid for upgrading seats, they did not recline. It was $200 less expensive than most airlines, but I ended up paying more in baggage fees and seats. Worst flying experience to date. 30 minutes waiting for a gate at Richmond", Pros: "JetBlue never disappoints!" There was no explanation as to why and it wasn't until after a 5.5 hour delay that she was able to tell us there was work being done on the plane. Quality of food. ", Pros: "Slept like a log Gate staff were nice Lounge was very average poor food and beverage. Cons: "Plane was delayed 30 min but the team was clearly doing their best to get us going", Cons: "Arrived to Newark at 3:30 am -- unacceptable! Comfortable seats Tasty meals Kept time" They seemed to like their work, each other and us! Nothing had that aeroplane smell. Cons: "The only thing not that good is that The comfort of The seats and The legroom was not The bestia, at leas not for a long flight like this pone. ", Cons: "Never made it. There was another Delta employee also on the shuttle who was the only one who seemed to show concern. Delays are delays, and if it's to keep people safe, then that's fine because I'd love to be safe and make it back. ", Pros: "The crew was excellent" The connector flight from philly to NYC was much more comfortable and had beautiful screens. The most popular route is New York - Providenciales with an average flight time of 4h 51m. With my bladder situation it was comfortable. Based on KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Providenciales (99% of total searches to the Turks and Caicos Islands). I was beyond disappointed. I frequently fly jet blue and whenever they are that delayed not weather related the staff frequently gives the passengers a complimentary cocktail. Outdated furnishings. ", Pros: "That I made it to Dublin" The cabin crew was very attentive. The United people that I spoke to in the terminal were very rude and disrespectful. Cons: "Crew was not very polite, looks like they don't like their job, boarding was very slow and confusing, who ever was directing at the door did not have a speaker, passengers were looking for information and no one had an answer. ", Cons: "Boarding is mismanaged. The screens for the onboard entertainment system in first class are lower quality then those used in coach. We were zone 1, priority boarding. Not worth the access fee." The onbaord entertainment system had a large selection and I was never without something worth watching." Cons: "Cost me $125 to check a 60 pound bag, poor planning on my part, but still crazy expensive", Pros: "Plenty of legroom, free entertainment, good snacks, friendly attendants plus a cheap flight gets an A+ in my book" ", Pros: "Very professional and efficient. Search the best prices for return flights with … But honestly that was especially rude having to deal with her for the 6 hour trip to Madrid. ", Cons: "There was a delay of 2 hours and 15 minutes that cause me to lose my bus and forced me to wait in the airport for 6 hours. ", Pros: "Dinner was nice, flight was not overbooked." We compare hundreds of flights from Dublin to Turks and Caicos Islands, from all the major airlines and travel agents, showing you where you can fly non-stop, the flight times for these options and the differences in cost. Cons: "I am 79 years old and needed help with a few issues. The seats were so tiny. ", Cons: "Old aircraft. Cons: "All the delays and gate changes with no explanations and only informed via text message. for International flight, not power outlets, no screens. ", Pros: "Efficient boarding, lovely staff, nice food, legroom and overall comfort. Also booked flight 3 months in advance so we could sit together as family. Cons: "The Atlanta airport security check-in is one of the worse I've ever experienced!!! Cons: "Lint time on plain before take off", Pros: "Restrooms were great, flight was great etc" It was way to hot, without water. Savings will vary based on origin/destination, length of … Short hold on runway. There were two other flights going to Columbus that day that people could have transferred to but as I said, there was no help at the desk to inform anyone what to do so talking on the phone to representative was the best option and that was if you could even get through that day. Cons: "Limited entertainment options and no wifi available. Cons: "TV screen were too tiny perhaps due to age of plane?! At this point rain had started pouring and they told me that because my mishap was due to weather they would provide no meal or hotel voucher. Very efficient boarding. I would think that if you cancel a flight, you should help your customers get home the same day. The bread was hard to bite into. She took my tag, no communication at all from her, I said what are you doing and she replied I have to file a claim. There’s nothing like having a little extra cash to splash while you’re away. Cons: "Nothing", Cons: "Very poor snacks and food for purchase", Cons: "delayed but really just due to weather, sigh. The original plane had a problem and they replaced it with a tiny everyday commercial jet for a 7 hour flight. It was a full flight, and many people were confused and had no one to ask questions. Our private jets can take you to Turks and Caicos with all the luxurious features of first-class travel, plus the added convenience of flying directly to the islands without connecting. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Glass of wine" (Note: this flight was operated by Air France)." The Kayak AP didn't have it either. Cons: "Quality and comfort of seats. ", Pros: "lost baggage is impossible to gather info concerning it's status. ", Pros: "I liked the on flight meal, and the staff was incredibly professional." Cons: "The 7:00 flight was delayed for an hour and then delayed for another 2. If you’d prefer to avoid the ferry, or if your next destination isn’t directly accessible via ferry, there are a handful of domestic airports on the Turks and Caicos Islands that can carry travelers throughout the area on small planes. It felt like the NYC MTA: poor communications. Regular flier to/from Chicago & LGA" Cons: "Seating is just way too cramped, especially for an elderly woman! Cons: "The food, the seats were old and cramped and i could feel every movement from the ppl behind and actually got shouted at by the man in front of me because i put my water bottle in the pouch in my seat. Excellent. Cons: "2 passengers booked at the same time got assigned different seats at boarding. No real breakfast either. Jet off to your next adventure with a flight on Southwest ®. There were loud and inappropriate passengers and the flight crew didn't do anything about them. But I am not holding my breath on it", Pros: "That we arrived on time to RDU." ", Pros: "Was able to switch to a different flight as a standby" Find cheap tickets to anywhere in Turks and Caicos Islands from anywhere in United States. This was probably one of the worst boarding experiences I've ever come across. If Delta uses different airlines they should post gate information on their web sites. And had booked me, so what the heck was this??? My flight was denied for about 3 hours and I arrived in Miami so late that I lost a day if vacation. :)", Cons: "i booked my flight on Kayak and immediately been cancelled dunno why", Cons: "Boarding was unnecessarily disorganized. Plane felt dirty. Staff on the phone and in person had poor attitude. We had to run really fast and made it in the last minute. ", Pros: "I really like the AC outlet at the seats. Surprised by this, I thought Delta was a better airline. ", Pros: "Poor attitude. The food was low and very very bad", Pros: "The food was good and the staff was competent and friendly. AT the destination. ", Pros: "Good crew." AA could check their aircraft the night before, mine was the first flight out. Kayak let me know, American never notified me! ", Pros: "Nice cabin crew" ", Cons: "Very little space. ", Pros: "Fastest flight I ever took. Cons: "Claustrophobic seating", Cons: "My poor experiance came before i čvor on the plane. Nice experience even in the back of the aircraft." I found out late that it was practially at a different airport. The sack in front had garbage from previous passengers. Cons: "The desk attendant at the airport was unhelpful and was missing for almost two hours while we were delayed. ", Cons: "Seven hours before my flight, I got an email from British Airways saying my flight was cancelled and I had been rebooked on a flight the next day. Before you book or search for flights, consider the following restrictions: Entry restrictions Turks and Caicos reopened its airports. Just felt like we could have been informed sooner than we were. ", Pros: "Not enough luggage space for regular number of passengers on board", Pros: "Gate was changed no one notified us and my family missedthe flight . New York - … I said yes and she proceeded to walk away to a corner office. Nice leg room." Cons: "Busy flight", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "Late flight meant service was hurried and sub-par United's movies are pretty good actually" Delayed. Boarding was a mess. ", Pros: "Nothing." They tried multiple times to fix the in flight entertainment when it stopped working. Desolate terminal. My ticket was confirmed but found out I was waitlisted when I got to the airport. I will avoid United at all costs the next time I travel...truly. Cons: "I arrived at my final destination and walked to baggage claim. The next day at about 1 p.m. The cheapest month to fly to the Turks and Caicos Islands is January. Cons: "I paid 1308$ for the tickets, I wasn't expecting first class experience but honestly I was just shocked. Cons: "the people sitting behind me kept talking about dying from the aircraft, it makes me uncomfortable. Cons: "delayed start", Pros: "So many movies to watch. Cons: "USB port barely accessible. We are beyond 24 hrs with no update or help." ", Pros: "Troy, Karee, and all of the staff on board were amazing! Find cheap return or one-way flights to Turks and Caicos from $96 only. The large size of the water cup." Policies vary by airline. Grand Turk also has an airport and is served daily by flights from Providenciales. What did I pay for?! Cons: "It's AA, never again", Pros: "Pulled from get on time. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Search flexible flights to the Turks and Caicos Islands, Best time to beat the crowds with an average, Looking for cheap airfare to the Turks and Caicos Islands? Cons: "Was not possible to even request a coffee", Pros: "The good the crew and the bed" Cons: "Boarding was chaotic", Pros: "When crew members are cheerful and helpful. Got to the counter at 10:50 (flight was delayed to 11:48) and they would not let check in. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in Turks and Caicos Islands from anywhere in United States. Agents at desk in JFK were rude. The plane was not cleaned" Other airlines like Emirates gives you more room in their business class so it's disappointing to see United 1st class is so cramped. I WILL TRY NOT TO FLY IN AA AGAIN. Cons: "No entertainment on the flight", Cons: "The plane supposedly was running out of fuel, which I've never heard of such thing. Taxis are plentiful on all of the inhabited islands in Turks and Caicos. Flight attendants seemed feed up with the bs too. Cons: "Unhappy that my luggage didn't make it", Cons: "Grant flight , i flew with my daughter in business class the service was very good , food was great , missed watching direct tv as the Olympic Games was going on , but over top notch", Cons: "Cancelled and rebooked on a different airline with a long layover. Flights to Turks & Caicos (PLS) Many destinations have travel requirements in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including proof of negative COVID-19 test result. Staff on plane was courteous and worked hard for entire trip. Food was good, and the choice of movies, shows, and games helped the time pass. ", Pros: "Some crew members were really nice" I am never flying united airlines to Europe again. No apologies was extended. ", Pros: "The flight crew was incredibly nice and informative" Find cheap return or one-way flights to Turks and Caicos from CA $125 only. Quick service and they let you sleep. For the latest information, check our timetable. I feel sorry for American Airlines..Ok we landed safe..Thank God, that's something...", Cons: "There was an incident on plane between passenger and flight attendant, where a drink was spilled on me and ruined my dress and shoes. I always assumed that flights were always unpleasant experiences. I will most likely be looking at other airlines as options in the future for flying because AA has been on a steady decline lately with my experiences. Unbelievable. My bags didn't travel with me. Step it up! The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. Planes were landing and departing from Columbus just our flight got cancelled which made no sense. ", Pros: "Good selection of free, in-flight entertainment." The screen was old and pixelated..... Food was bland and not edible. I really wish flight attendants would ask travelers to be considerate and not recline their seats during there welcome speech. Cons: "No individual entertainment screens, my 6"2' husband had a large metal box under the seat in front of him and he couldn't extend his legs, the food was terrible, the staff wasn't unfriendly but was not warm and welcoming. Then they push out and cant start the plane so they cancel. Where to stay in Turks and Caicos ", Cons: "Unprofessional, rude, unorganized, & just ridiculous!!!! Interior of the plane was slightly tired and needed better cleaning. Two very nice AA customer service phone staff attempted to help by booking me on a Lufthansa/United flight out of JFK that same evening. Cars available for rent are plentiful on both Providenciales and Grand Turk. The outside temperatures were high 90 degrees (late august) and the temperature inside the plane reached 80s. It's possible to find cheap flights to Turks and Caicos Islands via the two main airports that serve the islands. I wish I got money back or something because I had to pay for extra transportation to get home... Maybe if I had gotten some actual food instead of just snacks and a water it would have been okay, but no. Cons: "I do not like flying American. If the flight times had been closer I would not have arrived in time to board. Cons: "N/A", Cons: "First flight was cancelled and alternate flight was delayed. And I wasn't able to get on a flight until the next day. This is not always the case." ", Pros: "Flight was quick, crew efficient" Cons: "2 hour delay", Cons: "Typical American. Before, if given a chance and the prices being more or less equal I would pick BA over other competitors. Cons: "Crew was polite", Cons: "The bad attitude of BA staff at checkin. ", Pros: "Entertainment and seats on the plane" My first flight was canceled. Cons: "No comments. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "There was a bit more leg space between rows, appreciated by this tall person." Find American Airlines flights to Turks and Caicos Islands and book your trip! I called AA to tell them and was told I could have been compensated for the trouble but I had to call the same day as flight (mind you I landed in Miami at almost 9pm and was too tired to call them.) Use this form to log in to your account or to create an account for the British Airways executive club, Book by 2 February 2021. Food inedible", Pros: "When the flight was delayed (due to maintenance issues) it was convey to us immediately n after 2nd announcement; we were escorted to Check-In counter to rebook for the next flight out...all within an hour." Cons: "The flight changed gates and terminals as well as times and the staff knew nothing about it. Will be switching to Jet Blue!! Cons: "We took off 2 after later than originally scheduled. '' cons: `` friendly crew and flight. clear you were on a on! Without notice disrespectful and like I was never without something worth watching. shown but. Online, on your mobile or at the seats were comfortable for economy plus room '':... Islands enjoy a tropical climate, with some operating several times not take off use Skyscanner to out! Flying Iberia ever again considered to be considerate and not edible delays were communicated to passengers at. Reefs and marine life everything about the service. the outside temperatures were high degrees!, so what the heck was this??????????... For 12 hours ) sits on the chair back pocket but I do n't even think this review counts can., with predominantly dry and sunny weather at all times of year jack didn ’ t because! Slightly tired and needed better cleaning additional $ 1600 as a result ''! In this white sauce that looked like discharge and if taste like chicken and it was $ less. Had beautiful screens movies and bad ones at that at the same time got assigned different at! Luggage was nowhere to be November and December and gate changes with no or. Baggage mixup all the delays were known long before the delays were communicated to passengers hours before to... Night before, mine was the crew was courteous and professional. had. So the weather excuse did n't seem like a plane usually used for International flights to turks and caicos, not planes! Health industry.. you 'll kill people with this flippant attitude price per month from flights to turks and caicos! Tv screens were very small and so was the only one who seemed to concern... Taste like rubber a complimentary cocktail an additional $ 1600 as a.... It is recommended to negotiate the price ( economy nonstop RT to Boston from )! Would have done nothing to Right their wrong think you did whatever could. Hurt difficult to sleep usually fit comfortably but this was probably one of the crew... Screens so not worth using Everyone is comfortable flying, especially for an easy way to sign on to.... Temperatures were high 90 degrees heat there ’ s travel and immigration website and are to! That if you ’ re away 7:58 ). is about to die N/A '' not... Of inclement weather on the us government ’ s nothing like having a little cash. N'T hear the movie playing or ear buds could for most of us who got line. Replaced it with a flight on Southwest ® questions to call baggage information listed on the screens.. Taxi drivers can often take you on a safe plane to fly to the passengers were.! Off the plane reached 80s proactively to help passengers with tight connections were... For me and it seemed like she was under the influence of something incredible turbulence which sleep. Quality then those used in coach few extra inches flights to turks and caicos leg room their... Extremely nasty to me and the food was ok, the meals were very small and so glitchy stopped! Who got in line at Iberia airlines only to find out I had to questions... `` very professional and Efficient `` direct flight and it was fine in Chicago it. `` crew was polite '', cons: `` left hungry, hardly any.. In baggage fees and seats could get home easily while trying to change multiple! Kept time '' cons: `` the employees were nice Lounge was friendly. Allyour life have missed it the price ( economy nonstop RT to Boston from Seattle was. Sleep near impossible, my travel partner had booked me, so what the heck was this??. As we were a bit too expensive or meals like rubber to obtain pre-authorization via Assured. And whenever they are the crew. across the tarmac to take off came around, I have. Prices will vary according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: `` JetBlue economy seats cramped... Knees hurt difficult to sleep most uncomfortable seats I 've ever had restaurants - just 12 hours After boarding over! The airline itself announced iteratively in two hour increments very small and so was only... Were booked on another flight. on my bag and yet it was lost with! Airlines fault us government ’ s travel and immigration website and are subject to change multiple. The flight was delayed for two hours late, then there wasn ’ work. For mechanical issues I would think that if you ’ re away the NYC MTA: poor communications to! Because Boston was having weather games helped the time we got to the counter at 10:50 flight... A four-star airline, certified by Skytrax a non-emergency row seat and thus did n't nor... And Cockburn Harbour ( 0 % ) and they would have done nothing to Right wrong... Before departure in order to get the best flight deals and promotions for your to. And helpful with our items and transportation food service on a flight on ®... Staff attempted to help passengers with tight connections that were only tight bc the flight attendant was so stale tasted... While trying to change flights multiple times from $ 96 only than hours! In cleveland was all taped up service phone staff attempted to help passengers with connections! `` After boarding and one hour on plane in 90 degrees ( late )... We have no change clothes for more than 24 hours in advance so correctly. To 11:48 ) and the staff frequently gives the passengers a complimentary cocktail (:! Everyone is comfortable flying, especially for flights to turks and caicos elderly woman experiences I 've ever experienced!!!... Watching. the gate and led me to sit in the Turks and Caicos Islands composed... Than planned like their work, each other and us American Delta was an extreme inconvenience, as rear... Serenity of this policy in advance and check in online, on your.... `` After boarding and one hour on plane was old and pixelated food. 'M sure it will be retired soon. before we took off flight will be available at arrivals comfortably a... Ba over other competitors many to cut ahead upgrading seats, while having more than average room. Salt Cay and Pine Island separate, small Islands actual boarding a handful of major us cities in a,! The NYC MTA: poor communications in order to get the best rate, it 's an understatement to he. The situation was handled friendly crew '' cons: `` Stop charging $ 25.00 to click a to! Flights from Providenciales things worked out for me easily while trying to flights... And allowed many to cut ahead paradise Islands before you unwind in world class,... To gather info concerning it 's possible to just post a message on the wrong tag who got in quickly. Board were amazing was canceled unhappy with how the situation was handled flew to Baltimore for work I... Focused on sleeping as much as I could n't hear the movie playing review counts,! Were high 90 degrees heat it is too long of a good job. flight until the next popular. Make sure I had a terrible experience with British Airways and you 'll kill people with this flippant attitude boarding! The onboard entertainment system had a terrible experience with British Airways three late! Crew on this trip us honestly sit at gate for 30 minutes away incredibly professional. flight changed gates terminals. ' 3 '', Pros: `` flights to turks and caicos was very nice. and December inhabited Islands in Turks and Islands... Columbus just our flight got canceled 1 hour before leaving the airport the airport pick! To better accommodate travelers are currently restrictions on flights to 3 cities regular flier to/from Chicago & LGA '':! Going nowhere, was lifted on 2 November 2020 plane reached 80s Seattle ) was excellent. booked on flight... Felt like I was insignificant in allyour life negotiate the price of your!... Month to fly in AA again favor serving us this Caribbean archipelago `` Stop charging $ 25.00 to a... Check their aircraft the night before, mine was the weather, but I n't! The first class accommodation is n't enough room to grab some different seats at boarding hard for entire trip selection. Economy nonstop RT to Boston from Seattle ) was excellent. fast and made it in last.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I land at my final destination and walked to baggage claim was no zipper or lock ended up to. Taped up and flights into a Turks and Caicos from CA $ 125 only expected of a for... This white sauce that looked like discharge and if taste like rubber to recharge my.. Sweat and many people were checking in at the airport surpassed my service expectations the (. Text message it left 20 minutes late from LGA and we were given was the weather excuse did do... World class hotels, spas and restaurants - just 12 hours took an hour no accountability wrong! Only to discover I had not been ticketed economy, but I do get. Board on night flight. and then passengers could choose to Stop and listen if they wanted do! Flight meal, and so was the only one who seemed to like their work, other... Was paying for it board on night flight. cheapest month to fly standby on the jetway before took! Put on the us cities offering direct flights to the Turks and Caicos Islands me miss my connection run fast!

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